Malcolm Betts

True craftsmanship

Step off the unassuming Notting Hill backstreet and into the world that is Malcolm Betts. A world where centuries-old diamonds, rare rubies and sapphires are reborn, and where the most unique materials fuse with true craftsmanship. With his passion for breathing new life into old stones- along with his own distinctive hand-beaten finish - Malcolm’s one of a kind creations are desired worldwide. Inspired by the beauty each stone can possess, he handpicks each and every gem from across the globe.

The Process

Time-honoured techniques

The individual beauty and longevity of a Malcolm Betts piece lies in time-honoured techniques. Only ever created by hand, each creation is expertly formed using platinum, 18 or 22 ct gold.

Preferring traditional tools, combined with the hands-on finesse of Malcolm’s craft, this meticulous process creates an organic look and feel, allowing each metal to reveal its original textures and each stone to breathe. Every setting handcrafted around each individual stone.